Yoga for Everyone

An all levels class designed to be approachable for the novice, yet a good solid foundation for the more experienced practitioner.

Creative Flow (Intermediate)

Using the principles of vinyasa and the progression of Hatha style, a lighthearted class designed to stretch, warm and strengthen the body in a way that also challenges the brain and pleases the senses.

The Art of Movement (Beginner to Intermediate)

This is an upbeat fitness class . You will sweat, you will move in a variety of styles drawing from afro rhythmic, Eastern and modern contemporary all while jamming out to hip beats.

Yoga Play for Children (Ages 4-8) 

Creating shapes and stories using their bodies and their sense of exploration, a leap from movement designed to tire out their active bodies and express their imagination, ending in a mini tutorial on meditation. Parents, this is good for your vacation!

Sunrise Yoga

Come greet that big beautiful ball of orange as it climbs out of the ocean. Of course, we will perform sun salutations, as well as Hatha influenced sequences. A beautiful beach experience. Breathe in the beauty.


Private Yoga Sessions

A great way to relax, rejuvenate, and find ease during your vacation. From yoga on the beach, to the Sarafish Yoga Studio, or even on the deck of your cottage, these private sessions are tailored to your needs. Individual or group sessions. Call or email Sarafish Yoga to reserve a spot today!

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